Sunday 21 April 2019
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Important Announcements for Paper Writers

Notifying those writers who have not yet succeeded in posting their Paper, they can provide a delayed submission.

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Accepted articles at the conference

You can see the articles accepted by the Referees committee, in the conference information tab.

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Introducing the conference at Wuppertal University

Introducing the conference at Wuppertal University.

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University of Lorrain, France, sponsored the conference

University of Lorrain, France, sponsored the conference.

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 Attendance in the international exhibition of renewable energy on 21-24th February

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Technical design of Photovoltaic Solar Power plants via PVSYST

 The practical course of "Technical design of Photovoltaic solar powerplants" via PVSYST was added to practical workshops and it will be held by Renewable energy department of Shahid Beheshti University

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Advantages of registration in the conference site

Advantages of registeration in the conference site

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The third meeting on 27th March

 The third meeting on 27th March about sustainable power plants 

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Telegram Group on the Conference on Renewable Energies and Spacecraft Production in Iran

The Conference on Renewable Energy and Iran's Dispersal Production in the cyberspace of the Telegraph Network was launched.

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MAPNA Industrial Group as the organizer of the conference

Following the talks, MAPNA Industrial Company joined the main conference organizers.

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At the meeting of the Executive Committee dated 23 Oct. 2018, the possibility of accommodating non-Tehran residents was approved.

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The 7th National Conference and the First International Conference

The 7th National Conference and the First International Conference on Renewable Energy and Scatter Generation of Iran

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